Due to Covid -19 the world has been thrust into the fast adaption of working from home – many businesses that do not directly require employees to be on site are having them work remotely. Due to improvements in technology this is one time in history that this is actually fairly possible and easy. However, it is leading to a few new problems, challenges, benefits, and side effects that we hadn’t really anticipated or thought of before!

Of course there are several pros and cons to all sorts of these issues – and we want to take a look at all of those – both good and bad.

The pros of working from home means employees have more time on their hands without a long or stressful commute. This can be very beneficial to company and employee morale – a less stressed worker is likely a better worker.

Employees can also spend some of this free time with their families, hanging out with children on their lunch breaks, or walking pets.

The environmental benefits of working from home mean less traffic, less air polution, less wear and tear on roads, and less accidents. This in turn can save tons of money. We are being forced into seeing this firsthand – perhaps people that may not have “seen the light” will be much more convinced to try tax breaks for companies to incentivise a few days per week of working from home to keep pollution and traffic lower – the money saved will be much more than the tax breaks.

The challenges to working from home center mainly around the change in environment. It can be challenging to concentrate on work at home, especially if you do not have a dedicated office space available in which to work. If you are forced to work from the kitchen table as the family is running around it can be extremly hard to work.

Another obstacle that can hinder some people are the capabilities of their home computers. This is why companies are either sponsoring the purchase of new equipment or having their employees run tuneup software on their current computers. Advanced System Repair Pro is one such software that can help make computers run faster and smoother. This Advanced System Repair Pro review can give you some ideas if you’re struggling with this particular issue.

The ergonomics of work from home stations are also important – using a laptop on a kitchen counter could do in your neck pretty quickly. It’s important that you get proper tools to ensure that your monitor, keyboard, and chair are all situated at proper heights. Some companies are having in home consultations (via webcam) to help employees figure out the best placement for their workstation. If you aren’t sure, check out this great resource.

It’s obvious that there are many issues to be explored with the work from home trial in this grand experiment that Covid-19 has thrust upon us. But I think that most people (and society) will come out the other side much better. We now have a taste of life with more time, less traffic, cleaner air, and more animals. I don’t think many people are that excited to go back to life as we knew it exactly.

The New Work From Home Normal